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Favourite places : Inside the Mind and Outer Space.
  • Wanderer. Favourite places : Inside the Mind and Outer Space.



21 avril 2013 7 21 /04 /avril /2013 14:51

First english lines in this place, to share even more stuff in english !

I wrote this in mails and articles and gathered this in an essay.

You can find it on P2P Foundation website :


Introduction :


The solutions to the roots of many actual societal and systemic issues may exist in its individuals’ shared beliefs and values that form the patterns of communication between people.

To improve the state of politics and economics we collectively explore the mutual agreements that determine human relationships, habits, and behaviors. When individuals recognize identifiable biases and misconceptions, new possibilities and realities become clear.

The Naked Mind Protocol provides an inclusive and beneficial effort to collectively explore what truly composes each one of us.

One metaphor for understanding this is as a serious social game involving semantic tools that facilitate collaboration. This kind of communication protocol solves issues of all kinds and facilitates community life at multiple fractal levels: individual, family, tribe, community, and even planetary.

What follows is an explanation of the protocol, descriptions of scenarios where it may be applied, and possible evolutions of the technology...


Note :

I will probably recover original articles with their illustrations and post it in this blog.

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